It is with great regret that I write this note, sent to you on May 30, 2022, to officially
inform you of the death of Mr. Milton Briguet Bastos on May 26, 2022. Mr. Milton, in
addition to his father, grandfather , dear son and husband, was also a teacher, advisor
and mentor to so many of us that we will undoubtedly miss him every day. As his partner
at Tecnofibers, I witnessed the construction of a project that encompassed all the
spheres in which he wanted to be present, and in addition, he believed tirelessly:
technological innovation, open and frugal innovation, well thought-out B2B marketing,
technical optimization and excellence in sharing, disseminating and popularizing
information. In his own words, “knowledge is of no use to us if obtained and kept secret”.
Taking into account the dimension of the legacy that Mr. Milton leaves us, we
would like to inform you that we will be continuing the work he left unfinished. Now, Mr.
Fernando Bastos, son of Mr. Milton, will be at the head of Tecnofibers and will be involved
in all the company’s movements.
We will be keeping all operations already underway, both in the commercial field
as well in the technical and scientific research field. We will work to ensure that all
commitments made are honored within their deadlines. I kindly request that all
correspondence sent to Mr. Milton are now forwarded to me. The addresses are below:

WhatsApp/Mobile : +55 (54) 999 398 212
WeChat: larissazangalli

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